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How to remove Red Bungs

When you recieve your order and are happy to install battery in your caravan, boat or motor-home it is crucial to remember to remove transport bungs. Failure to do so may cause your battery to explode and it's not covered by warranty!
Since we have had a number of issues with red bungs left in place and batteries destroyed we have decided to give you a short video presentation on how to remove transport bungs. We hope you enjoy it and save yourself a lot of troubles!




What type of car battery do I need?

When it comes to car batteries, there are several things to consider in order to determine which one is correct for your car. The brand, size, reserve capacity and amps for cold cranking will all factor into this decision so in order to make it accurate, you will need a basic knowledge of each of these.
Size refers to the group size and means the entire car battery, length, height and width, of which there are various sizes available. The battery should be secure with a snug fit; reading the manual for the car will let you know which one to purchase. It is important to double check the size with the size chart to make sure it fits in your car, as damage is possible with the incorrect product.
The reserve capacity refers to the amount of standing power a battery has. This means the minimum voltage supplied to keep the car running without the alternator or in the event a fan belt should fail. The specifications for this should be found in the car’s owner’s manual. CCA or cold cranking amps are the measurement for the battery’s ability to crank in cold weather. Chemical reactions will cause the oil to thicken when it is cold making it difficult to crank.

There are a number of brands by the same manufacturer; the specified battery according to the manual for the car is almost always the best choice. There may be a number of similar batteries available from a single manufacturer; the specifications should be followed to ensure the correct battery is chosen from the available brands.  

If you are still not sure, don't worry - contact us for help making the right choice!
  • Use our "Search by Vehicle" database.
  • Contact Our Friendly Customer Service Team at:
    01684 298800.
  • Come in person and we will find the correct battery for your car and fit it free of charge.

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Winter Car Battery Preparation

Winter car preparation may not seem important, especially when your car seems just fine. For some reason, cold weather seems to target everything that is wrong with your car and a battery is one of cold weather's favourite victims. Winters are cold, but there is nothing more aggravating (and sometimes quite frightening) when you are stranded in a lonely parking lot in the middle of the night because of a poorly serviced car battery.

Preparing your battery for winter helps keep you out of the cold, and is a good idea in general – maintenance is all part of safe car ownership and lets you stay on top of any issues that might cause problems later.
Cleaning erosion from the battery terminals is one way to help. This maintains a connection between the cables and the battery. Check to make sure your terminals are not worn and cable connections are good at the same time. 



Dead cells cause problems, so make sure your battery is carrying enough amps. No motorist wants to get into their car and hear that dragging to start sound or tat tat tat of a battery that results from an insufficient charge. Perhaps, you will be lucky enough to have cables, but when it is dark, cold, with or without rain, sleet or sno, no one wants to be stranded, and cleaning terminals when it's cold is a miserable job.
If simple things concerning a car are not serviced while getting ready for winter (topping up your anti-freeze, checking your kit in your boot, just in case), unnecessary problems may occur and something as small as a loose connection can leave you stranded. 
Winter car preparation looks at as many things as possible to make sure your car is up whatever the coming season throws at you. Serviced properly, a car will do the job you purchased it for but neglected, it can give you a lot of grief.

Tim Jones


Yuasa Golf Cart Batteries

Have you ever had a golf cart or UTV shut down due to a dead battery? Do you want to avoid this frustrating and tedious experience? Then consider Yuasa batteries, the world's best for unconventional vehicle batteries. These batteries are strong, sturdy, and won't come loose during bouncy trips.

When considering batteries for utility vehicles (UTVs), recreational utility vehicles (RUVs), or Side x Side Seat Arrangement vehicles, you want something long-lasting. You need a battery that can handle long stretches of grass, sudden shock or power taxation due to mud or sand, and of course the ability to conserve power while golfers take their shots.

If this kind of recreational utility is what you're looking for, a Yuasa battery is your primary choice. Yuasa batteries are built to last and well-housed, with solid connectors that rarely have any circuit problems, if at all. While their primary use is in golf carts, they can be applied to any kind of UTV or RUV vehicle. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for long trips out onto the green or even onto the beach.



The normal type of battery used in UTV or RUV carts is known as a cyclic battery. This type of battery can often be recharged with the correct charger, making it superior to traditional lithium-ion batteries and even the standard regulated-lead acid batteries offered by Yuasa. This capacity makes Yuasa's golf cart batteries a leading power source for golfers and outdoor hobbyists around the world.

In addition, various makes and models are fully supported by Yuasa's batteries. While you may need to consult a compatibility chart to find out just what is on your menu in terms of compatible batteries, most of the time it's simply a matter of ordering a new battery for your cart. The brands and models covered by Yuasa's power are Kawasaki RUVs, Yamaha Outdoors, Arctic Cat vehicles, and even Honda off-road vehicles. All these transports are powered by Yuasa batteries, giving them a longer activity life and providing plenty of fun and recreational entertainment.

If you have a passion for the outdoors, difficulty getting around without a UTV, or simply love to golf, Yuasa batteries can fulfill all your daily power needs. With a longer-lasting life than most conventional golf cart batteries and a name brand you can trust for good energy, Yuasa helps turn the wheels of thousands of carts every day. If you love to golf or are simply looking for a way to get around, consider investing in a Yuasa battery. You won't regret it.


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The Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger

victronWhen it comes to understanding basic electrical principles, it pays not to be left in the dark. This is especially the case when working with inverters and chargers. As inverter/charger technology is always changing, new makes and models are continually being released. When showcasing the latest in battery chargers, no product serves as case in point better than Victron Energy’s Quattro. The Victron Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources such as two generators or one generator and shore-side power. These AC inputs are integrated with a transfer switch that allows the Quattro to automatically connect to the active source.

The Victron Quattro also includes a unique PowerAssist feature that prevents overload of a limited AC source. At first, it will reduce charging in the case where an overload would occur. The second level will boost generator output or shore-side supply with battery power.



In addition to its standard “no-break” output, the Quattro also provides an auxiliary output that disconnects the connected load during battery operation. This feature is ideal for situations where connected loads may otherwise complete discharge one’s battery. Unlike many competing brands, the Quattro can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output, with as many as six units being connected at the same time. In this regard, no other battery charger can compare.

The Quattro is suitable for the following applications:

  • automotive
  • marine
  • solar
  • off-grid
  • back-up
  • island systems




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We sell all car battery brands

The Optima battery line provides cold-cranking batteries for your car, marine batteries for your boat and a sealed deep-cycle battery for your caravan or solar power storage bank. These AGM, or absorbed glass mat batteries will not leak and are maintenance-free. The tops are colour coded to help you make the right selection. The red top Optima battery is for automobiles, the yellow top is for deep cycle applications and the blue is for marine use.

The Odyssey battery is an AGM battery built differently than the rest. Thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology eliminate space between cylinders. The result is a longer-lasting battery that can be discharged up to 80 percent without suffering damage. Other batteries are damaged below 50 percent discharging.



 An Odyssey battery is built to last up to eight years; other brands last between five and seven. Use them in sports vehicles, boats, caravans, solar power applications and more.
The Trojan battery is still one of the best value’s in deep cycle battery technology. Trojan has been producing batteries for over 85 years. They are among the leaders in this ever-advancing field of safe energy storage. A Trojan battery can be found in marine, aerial, industrial, commercial, recreational and other uses. The batteries are affordable and long-lasting. They require little to no maintenance and are designed to last for years.


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