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Yuasa YPC2A12 Battery Charger

Victron Phoenix Charger 12/30 (2+1)

Victron Energy Phoenix Charger 12/30 (2+1) - PCH012030001

Sterling Power AB12160

Sterling Power AB12160

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  • YPC2A12
  • Yuasa
  • 12V
  • 50
Suitable battery capacity range (Ah): 6 to 20. Yu Power intelligent battery chargers from Yuasa for accurate testing and charging of valve regulated lead acid batteries ensuring all batteries are appropriately charged for optimum performance. The use of proportional timing during the bulk charging mode ensures the best balance of maximum state of charge, without damaging the battery before switching to the float charging mode. Once in float charge mode the charger will charge the battery and maintain it at 100% state of charge whilst using an ECO mode to save power. The intelligence of these chargers is further demonstrated by employing a combination of cut off systems, which prevents overcharging of the battery. The charger types are suitable for valve regulated lead acid(VRLA), car & motorcycle batteries
More Information
Manufacturer's Part Number YPC2A12
Charger Application Car
DC Voltage 12V
Frequency (Hz) 50
Length (mm) 140
Width (mm) 65
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 42
Weight 0.45
Remote Control n/a
Warranty 2 Years
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