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Leisure Batteries

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  • Varta Blue Dynamic G3 Car Battery 595 402 080, UK Part Code: 019
    • Part Number : G3
    • Manufacturer : Varta
    • Voltage (V) : 12
    • Ah : 95
    • Cold Cranking : 800
    • Battery Application :

    RRP £116.95

    Excl. VAT: £92.50 Incl. VAT: £111.00

Leisure Batteries

The leisure battery is effectively the brain of your caravan or motorhome electrical system. The battery powers all of your onboard equipment such as your fridge and lighting, and it is imperative that you have a high quality leisure battery powering your caravan. If you have a caravan motor mover it is more important than ever that you specify a deep cycle leisure battery.

A 'Deep-cycle' in terms of leisure batteries is a discharge/recharge cycle. A deep cycle leisure battery is designed to perform a high number of discharge/recharge cycles without loss of battery health. In cases of high drain applications such as a motor caravan mover it is essential to fit a deep cycle motor mover battery due to the high drain nature of the caravan mover.

How to Choose a Leisure Battery

The important rating of a leisure battery is the capacity which is measured in Ampere/hours(Ah). The capacity is the measure of how much energy can be stored by the battery. Essentially, the higher the Ah the longer it will last between charges. The higher the Ah figure, the physically larger the battery so you are restricted to the size of your caravan's leisure battery box. The two main capacities are the 85Ah leisure battery and the 110Ah leisure battery.


What is a Leisure Battery

Many people ask why they can't fit a car battery instead of a leisure battery to their caravan since they can be cheaper. There are two main types of lead acid batteries; starting batteries and axillary power batteries. The two battery types are constructed in completely different ways; having different plate thicknesses etc. A car battery is a starter battery designed to push out a burst of power over a short period of time. If you use a car battery to provide auxiliary power you are using the battery for a purpose for which it was not designed and you will not get the performance or life that you would expect from it.

Some RVs and motorhomes use the same bank of batteries to provide the starting power and auxiliary power. This begs the question of which type of batteries to fit. The Hankook brand has answered this in the form of the Hankook Sealed Leisure Batteries range. This state of the art range of batteries have been designed to have qualities of both starting and auxiliary power batteries, and are marketed as dual purpose deep cycle leisure batteries.