Optima YTU 4.2 High Cranking AGM Battery

Optima YTU 4.2 High Cranking AGM Battery

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Optima YTU 4.2 High Cranking AGM Battery

MF31-750 Hankook

Hankook MF31-750 Heavy Duty Battery, UK Part Code: 643 / 644

Sonnenschein Battery  (GF1225YG / GF 12 25 Y G)

Sonnenschein Battery (GF1225YG / GF 12 25 Y G)

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YTU 4.2
100% of 100
  • YTU 4.2
  • Optima
  • 12
  • 55
  • 750
  • Dual Purpose

Suitable for

Cars, Vans, Lorries, 4x4s, Boat, Dual Purpose: Starting and Deep Cycle Applications



The YELLOWTOP® high-performance AGM battery has everything you need. It’s one of the few true dual-purpose automotive batteries available, and performs above expectations as a tractor battery, forklift battery, or for other applications. With premium cranking power and impressive cycling capability, this heavy duty battery is also perfect for modern accessory-loaded vehicles. The YELLOWTOP can repeatedly be brought back from deep power drains to full charge, so it can power plenty of electronics and still start you up time after time. Low internal resistance also provides more consistent power output and faster recharges.

Trucks with winches, vehicles with high-demand electronics and audio systems, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment can all rely on this battery to provide ultimate starting and deep-cycle power. It also functions well as a forklift battery, tractor battery, or for other applications.



  • Deep-cycle and cranking power
  • Up to 3 times longer life
  • More than 15 times the vibration resistance
  • Spillproof, mountable in virtually any position
  • Maintenance-free
  • Faster recharging
  • Optimal starting power 300+ discharge/recharge cycles
  • Heavy duty battery that functions well as a tractor battery or forklift battery
More Information
Manufacturer's Part Number YTU 4.2
Length (mm) 254
Width (mm) 174
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 200
Weight 19.9
Voltage (V) 12
Ah 55
Cold Cranking 750
Layout LH+
Terminal Standard Post (A) & Side
Battery Type AGM
Activation Pack No
Warranty 2 Years
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