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  • Power Filled Holiday

    Our family loves nature and the outdoors, but we also like the conveniences of modern life. Last year we decided that it would be a great idea to go caravanning cross country and see as many parks and natural features as possible. We packed lots of outdoor equipment like tents, fishing poles and skewers for cooking over the fire. Since we love modern technology, we also brought read more
  • Dependable Chargers

    At Battery Megastore we strive to give our customers the most competitive prices for a Motorbike charger. Our products are quality made and are dependable. We have two great brands available and both have great warranties and are made to stand the test of time. Our CTEK small 12V battery charger can handle an input voltage of 200-240 Volts. It is a great choice for all small read more
  • Winter preparation

    Winter car preparation may not seem important, especially when your car seems just fine during the summer months. For some reason, cold weather seems to find everything that is wrong with your car and a battery is one of cold weather's favourite targets. Winters are cold but they are colder when you are stranded in a lonely parking lot in the middle of the night because of a po read more
  • Car Battery Modernized

    Many people are not aware of the fact that not only is Edison credited with having invented the telegraph and light bulb in the early 20th century, but he also designed an electric car battery. The very same technology has returned as a 21st century power charging source. The most modern version of the Edison battery may be charged fully in approximately just 2 minutes. The en read more
  • Golf Cart Batteries

    Have you ever had a golf cart or UTV shut down due to a dead battery? Do you want to avoid this frustrating and tedious experience? Then consider Yuasa batteries, the world's best for unconventional vehicle batteries. These batteries are strong, sturdy, and won't come loose during bouncy trips. When considering batteries for utility vehicles (UTVs), recreational utility vehicl read more
  • The Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger

    When it comes to understanding basic electrical principles, it pays not to be left in the dark. This is especially the case when working with inverters and chargers. As inverter/charger technology is always changing, new makes and models are continually being released. When showcasing the latest in battery chargers, no product serves as case in point better than Victron Energ read more
  • Golf and Mobility batteries

    The batteries got their name because they are primarily found in golf carts. The same electric motor used in power chairs is also used in golf carts. A golf battery is generally available as a 12-volt battery. This makes the battery very versatile. Two batteries can be wired in series to create a 24-volt power source or in parallel to provide double the ampere hours of the two read more

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