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Golf and Mobility batteries

Golf and Mobility batteries

The batteries got their name because they are primarily found in golf carts. The same electric motor used in power chairs is also used in golf carts.

A golf battery is generally available as a 12-volt battery. This makes the battery very versatile. Two batteries can be wired in series to create a 24-volt power source or in parallel to provide double the ampere hours of the two batteries combined. This use is mostly found in caravans or home solar power systems. For an emergency power source for a laptop computer, a golf battery combined with a solar panel, charge controller and inverter is a wise investment.

A mobility battery is used to provide energy for a mobility chair. These are 12-volt batteries that provide power to allow a person freedom to travel around town without assistance. A mobility battery may also be found in a caravan. Caravan owners may use more than one wired in parallel to provide more ampere hours of use. This allows the caravan to stay at places without electrical hook-up.

Here at the Battery Megastore, we only sell top of range golf cart battery brands. You can choose lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride or absorbed glass mat batteries for your specific needs.

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