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Power Filled Holiday

Our family loves nature and the outdoors, but we also like the conveniences of modern life. Last year we decided that it would be a great idea to go caravanning cross country and see as many parks and natural features as possible. We packed lots of outdoor equipment like tents, fishing poles and skewers for cooking over the fire. Since we love modern technology, we also brought our portable DVD player, MP3 players and induction stove top. Of course, to power all of this equipment we needed power, so we also brought a car inverter for the road and a leisure battery for longer term power needs.

We quickly realized the value of bringing the conveniences of modern life with us on the trip. We spent most of the first day driving to our destination, and without entertainment for the kids in the back seat, we all would have likely gone insane. We also may have never reached our destination if I had not brought my cellphone with GPS features, as I found myself getting lost on multiple occasions. I had no idea how complicated some old English roads could be. Our whole trip might have been ruined had it not been for the car inverter.

Camping in nature turned out to be great fun, even if we didn't experience the outdoors in its most raw form. During the day we went to the edge of the lake and spent hours hoping for fish to bite our hooks. At night we sat around the campfire and told old camping stories. Some nights the kids retired after dinner due to playing all day, but other nights they liked to enjoy a movie or music in the van. This was made possible thanks to the leisure battery we bought before the trip.

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