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The Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger

The Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger

When it comes to understanding basic electrical principles, it pays not to be left in the dark. This is especially the case when working with inverters and chargers. As inverter/charger technology is always changing, new makes and models are continually being released. When showcasing the latest in battery chargers, no product serves as case in point better than Victron Energy’s Quattro. The Victron Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources such as two generators or one generator and shore-side power. These AC inputs are integrated with a transfer switch that allows the Quattro to automatically connect to the active source.

The Victron Quattro also includes a unique PowerAssist feature that prevents overload of a limited AC source. At first, it will reduce charging in the case where an overload would occur. The second level will boost generator output or shore-side supply with battery power.

In addition to its standard “no-break” output, the Quattro also provides an auxiliary output that disconnects the connected load during battery operation. This feature is ideal for situations where connected loads may otherwise complete discharge one’s battery. Unlike many competing brands, the Quattro can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output, with as many as six units being connected at the same time. In this regard, no other battery charger can compare.

The Quattro is suitable for the following applications:

  • automotive
  • marine
  • solar
  • off-grid
  • back-up
  • island systems

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