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Victron Energy Maxi GX

Victron Energy Orion IP67 24/12-5A (60W)

Victron Energy Orion IP67 24/12-5A (60W)

Victron Energy Mains Cord CEE 7/7 for Smart IP43 / Skylla-S Charger 2m

Victron Energy Mains Cord CEE 7/7 for Smart IP43 / Skylla-S Charger 2m

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The Maxi GX is a member of the GX Product family. The GX-device lies at the heart of the system - providing monitoring, and operating as the communication-centre of your installation. 

Compared to the other GX devices, the Maxi GX has most CPU power and most VE.Direct ports: 25. This is the GX device to use for large systems with many VE.Direct MPPT Solar Chargers.

The full power of Victron Remote Management

Victron Remote Management (VRM) provides you with full access to the very extensive controls and settings of all system-components which are connected to your Maxi GX. It allows remote user and installer login - from anywhere, at anytime. This powerful application also provides for hassle-free diagnostic checks and analysis of archived information.

Automatic Generator start/stop

The Maxi GX can be programmed to auto-start your generator - triggered by low-voltage; high-demand; or battery state of charge. It can be further tailored to delay ignition until the end of 'quiet' periods - avoiding accidental nuisance at dead of night.

Remote Console - control everything from anywhere...

The Remote Console feature allows full access remotely, via the internet and the VRM Portal, to all settings. 

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SKU BPP900410200
Manufacturer's Part Number Maxi GX
Length (mm) 210
Width (mm) 380
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 600
Ingress Protection IP65
Warranty 5 Years
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