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Hankook XV31 Battery & Noco Battery Box

Hankook DC31 Deep Cycle Battery & Noco Battery Box

Hankook DC31 Deep Cycle Battery & Noco Battery Box

Hankook 110Ah Leisure Battery & Victron Energy Combiner Kit

Hankook 110Ah Leisure Battery & Victron Energy Combiner Kit

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XV31 & HM318BK
  • XV31 & HM318BK
  • Hankook
  • 330L x 172W x 242H (mm)
  • 12
  • 100
  • 800
  • Dual Purpose

Hankook XV31 Battery

This range of Leisure / Marine batteries are of a lead calcium construction which means the plates have been hardened, therefore giving the battery a longer life and better starting capabilities than your conventional leisure batteries.  This item is a dual purpose battery which is ideal for applications that require starting and deep cycle service. The XV31 will deliver powerful cranking amperage for easy starting, and low amp draw service for reliable auxiliary power.  Unlike a car battery, they can handle being discharged to a higher capacity and recharged again without affecting the future performance of the battery. Dual purpose batteries are a perfect compromise between the unique demands of starting service and deep cycling, low amp draw service. Another thing to note about these batteries which is vital is that when charging and discharging they have 250 life cycles. These batteries come with a 4 Year Warranty and are perfect for domestic use.


  • Excellent design handle - Easy battery replacement
  • Integrated computer designed and reinforced container - Protection from vibrations and impact
  • Special sealed covers - Prevents acid leaks and minimizes gassing
  • Totally sealed and spill proof
  • Dual terminal options
  • Maintenance Free - no topping up required
  • Dual terminal options
  • Glass fibre separators
  • Safety venting system
  • Sealed water recombination system
  • Charge level indicator
  • Tough polypropylene case design


Noco HM318BK Battery Box

Snap-Top Battery boxes are manufactured using the highest quality injection molded polypropylene plstic.

The Snap-Top design effectively collects electrolytes, allows ventilation, secures and locks lid to prevent accidental contact of underground battery terminals.

Resistant to Ultra-Violet (UV) exposure.


  • Heavy duty handles
  • Locking tabs, fastens lid to base
  • Battery divider
  • Vent caps, limits water entry


More Information
SKU XV31 & HM318BK
Manufacturer's Part Number XV31 & HM318BK
Length (mm) 315
Width (mm) 172
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 242
Weight 23
Voltage (V) 12
Ah 100
Cold Cranking 800
Layout LH+
Terminal Standard Post & Threaded Stud
Battery Type Sealed Calcium
Activation Pack No
Warranty 4 Years
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