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Victron Energy Lithium-Ion Battery 24V 180Ah - BAT524181200

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Varta LFD230 Dual Purpose Leisure Battery

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Hankook XV24MF Dual Purpose Leisure Battery 12V 85AH

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  • BAT524181200
  • Victron Energy
  • 623x193x351mm
  • 24
  • 180
  • Deep Cycle

The market for battery systems is developing rapidly. There is a growing demand for efficient batteries with a large energy density. Victron Energy has a suitable answer to this demand: the Victron Lithium-ion battery system. This is comprised of a very modern battery with an advanced control- and security system; the so-called Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS controls the charging and discharging, immediately takes action when certain (critical) values are exceeded and safeguards an efficient energy transfer.

The advantages of a Lithium-ion battery over conventional lead-acid batteries

• High energy density: more energy with less weight;

• High charge currents (shortens the charge period);

• High discharge currents (enabling for example electrical cooking on a small battery bank);

• Long battery life (up to six times the battery life of a conventional battery);

• High efficiency between charging and discharging (very little energy loss due to heat development);

• Higher continuous power available.

Why Lithium-Iron-Phosphate?

Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the safest of the mainstream Li-ion battery types.The nominal voltage of a LFP cell is 3,2V (lead-acid: 2V/cell). A 25,6V LFP battery consists of 8 cells connected in series.

24V 180Ah/100Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries

The base of the Victron Lithium-Ion Battery System is formed by individual 24V/180Ah Lithium-ion batteries. They have a built-in Cell Management System (BMS) which protects the battery on a cell level. It monitors individual cell voltage and system temperature, and actively balances the individual cells. All measured parameters are sent to the Lynx Ion which monitors the system as a whole.

More Information
SKU BAT524181200
Manufacturer's Part Number BAT524181200
Length (mm) 623
Width (mm) 193
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 351
Weight 55
Voltage (V) 24
Ah 180
Hold Down N/A
Terminal N/A
Battery Type Lithium
Activation Pack No
Warranty 2 Years
Video 0
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