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Varta Professional Dual Purpose LFD75

12V 75Ah Leisure Battery & 4A Trickle Charger For Caravan, Camper, Boat

12V 75Ah Leisure Battery & 4A Trickle Charger For Caravan, Camper, Boat

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  • LFD75
  • Varta
  • 278L x 175W x 190H (mm)
  • 12
  • 75
  • 650
  • Dual Purpose

Varta Professional Dual Purpose

Lower spec boats and motorhomes still need the right product to perform at their best. The Professional Dual Purpose range are long lasting and maintenance-free, making them ideal for seasonal use. These batteries are DEEP CYCLE, which means unlike a car battery, they can handle being discharged to a higher capacity and recharged again without affecting the future performance of the battery.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed for standard motorhomes, caravans and boats with less or moderate energy demand.
  • Long lasting – up to twice the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 200 cycles @ 50% DOD).
  • Minimal self-discharge makes it ideal for seasonal use.
  • Ideal for dual power applications (can be used for both starting and overall energy supply).
  • More Information
    SKU LFD75
    Manufacturer's Part Number LFD75
    Description 75Ah Leisure Battery
    Length (mm) 278
    Width (mm) 175
    Height Inc Terminals (mm) 190
    Weight 19
    Voltage (V) 12
    Ah 75
    Cold Cranking 650
    Hold Down B13
    Layout RH+
    Terminal A
    Battery Type Sealed Calcium
    Activation Pack No
    Warranty 4 Years
    Video 0
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