The electrical requirements onboard caravans have increased in the modern world (laptops / tablets / phones/microwaves/hairdryers / Caravan movers  etc.). When at campsites this is no problem thanks to AC hookup. However, if touring is your forte and don’t wish the extra cost and limitations  at campsites, or simply unable to operate you fridge and charge you caravan / mover battery due to the new euro 6 engines  then this is the product for you.

The existing charging off onboard caravans batteries from your main vehicle while in motion is historically terrible. This is because the onboard charging systems have not modernised by keeping up with onboard electrical demands NOR by dealing with the contemporary peculiarities associated with Euro 5 / Euro 6 + engines. A prime example being that some fridges simply do not work whilst towing your caravan and the ability to actually charge the onboard battery is simply out off the question. This is because the towing vehicle alternator’s voltage is dropping below the enabling threshold of the fridge and below that required to charge a batteries. Refer to page 15 for Euro 6 / regenerative braking information. We use a van in the test – any modern SUV or car could have also been used.


Sterling Power

Manufacturer Part Number




Charger Amps

L160 x W96 x D55mm

Weight (kg)



2 Years


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