Hankook XV65 Leisure Battery

This heavy duty deep cycle battery is designed to meet the needs of leisure and marine vehicles. With its sealed calcium construction which makes it 100% maintenance free this battery is fast becoming a favourite within the industry. This range is suited to seasonal use such as Caravans Motorhomes Boats RV Camping and much more.

The product is supplied charged and ready to fit.



  • X-Frame Full framed grid design restrains grid growth and short-circuits. Benefit: Upgraded quality and longer life span equalling reliability
  • Thicker calcium coated plates with high density active material
  • Strong carry handle for installation
  • Vibration resistant design with reinforced container
  • Unique designed grid for electric flow which ensures high electric conductivities and strong adhesion of active materials. Benefit: Providing higher starting power stable structure and few corrosion.

Victron Energy CYR010120110R Cyrix-ct 12/24V-120A Battery Combiner Kit

This Battery Combiner Kit is for adding a 2nd or 3rd battery system in your car, boat, RV or any other vehicle. It utilizes the simplest and most advanced technology to keep all your batteries charged using the engine’s electrical system, but isolates the starting battery when charging ceases so you never get stranded.
Weight14300 g

Hankook & Victron Energy

Manufacturer Part Number

XV65 & CYR010120110R

Battery Ah


Battery CCA


Battery Terminal Type

A, Standard Automotive

Battery Terminal Layout


Battery Dimensions

L242 x W174 x H190mm

Battery Weight (kg)


Battery Technology

Sealed Calcium

Battery Application

Dual Purpose

Combiner Kit Continuous Current

120 A

Combiner Kit Auto Ranging

12/24 V

Combiner Kit Protection Category



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