Start Stop cars and vehicles require an enhanced battery due to the frequent start and stop events at traffic lights. Therefore battery with enhanced durability and charge acceptance is required to withstand the severe driving environments for the Start Stop vehicles. Hankook Start Stop series have enhanced the durability and battery life to perfectly optimise for Start Stop vehicles. All Hankook EFB batteries are supplies charged and ready to fit.

Suitable for Start Stop System Urban intensive use Heavily equipped electronic devices.


Key Features

  • Sealed Maintenance Free with double lid
  • Grid Protect System
  • X-Frame Grid Technology
  • Carbon additives
  • Meets VD standard



  • X3 times longer idling stop life cycle
  • Charge acceptance 130% up
  • Starting power 115% up
  • Optimal fit for engine compartment

Hankook Starter Batteries


Product Type




Starter Batteries

Suitable for Start Stop



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