Meet the Renogy 160W Flexible Solar Panel; the culmination of cutting-edge technology and precision. This ultra-lightweight panel can achieve up to an incredible 248-degree arc of flexibility thanks to advanced solar cell technology and lamination techniques. At 6.2 pounds; this panel weighs 70% less than its standard counterpart and is less than 5% as thick. Easy to transport and install; this solar panel can be affixed to uneven surfaces; making it ideal for airstreams; campers; and boats. The ultra-lightweight design allows for incredibly simple storage; transport; and installation. 


Mounting Recommendation: Modules must be mounted using silicone structural adhesive on the backside of the panel, grommets are only to be used for non-mobile applications. For detailed installation methods, please consult a local contractor for guidance.


Note: No other accessories are equipped with the single panel. Please contact us or refer directly to product listings if you want to know more information about accessories.



– Extremely Flexible – With a flex range of up to 248 degrees; this panel is capable of meeting a wide range of applications where standard panels can be inconvenient to mount; such as on the curved roof of an airstream

– Ultra Lightweight – Thanks to advanced polymer materials; this product weighs 70% less than conventional solar panels; making transportation and installation a breeze

– Super Thin Lamination – Discreet and thin; the Renogy 160W Lightweight Panel is only a tenth of an inch thick. Approximately 95% thinner than its rigid counterpart; this panel is ideal for a stealthy solar setup

– Highly Durable – Rigorously tested; the 160W panel is designed to withstand extreme wind of up to 2400Pa and snow loads of up to 5400Pa



Manufacturer Part Number


Maximum Power at STC

160 W

Optimum Operating Voltage

19.1 V

Optimum Operating Current

8.38 A

Open Circuit Voltage


Short Circuit Current

8.88 A

Solar Cell Type


Number of Cells


Cell Efficiency



MC4 Connectors

Application Class

Class A


L1504 x W673 x H2mm




5 Years


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