Pro Reg BW waterproof advanced alternator regulator

This product is recommended for alternators lower than 150A rating

Includes battery temperature sensor and 1m cables.

Unit actual rating (the actual device rating): Positive field control 8A maximum field current, Negative field control 13A maximum field.

Real world rating (rule of thumb): 12V alternator with standard regulator fitted, up to approx. 350A alternator, more if negative field control.  12V alternator with no standard regulator, stand alone, about 150A more if a negative field control.



  • Maintains maximum performance of an alternator’s power curve within a preset envelope as defined by battery manufacturers.
  • Batteries charging 4-20 times faster. ( depending on original system ).
  • Enables 25-35% extra useful power to be stored in batteries. A conventional alternator will only charge the battery to a max of about 75% and, at about 35% remaining capacity, the low voltage level renders it useless. This means that, of 100A of battery capacity, only about 35A are available to be used. An advanced regulator will fully charge the battery giving an extra 25% capacity. This increases the useable available power by about 70 – 80%.
  • Battery plates kept free from sulphate damage results in longer life.
  • Due to the built in safety features, in the event of incorrect installation the unit will switch itself off.
  • Reduces needless running hours on the main engine.
  • Compensates for voltage drops resulting from long cable runs, ammeters, diodes and other general wiring associated problems.
  • Automatically converts a machine-sensed alternator to a permanent battery sensed alternator.
Weight580 g

Sterling Power

Manufacturer Part Number



L120 x W80 x D45mm




2 Years


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