The new combined battery to battery charger and solar regulator maximises the operational usage of the battery to battery charger. It does this by adding a solar operation to the product both when the vehicle is in motion and moreover when the vehicle is stationary. This makes it, in effect, also a free 350W solar regulator when the vehicle is stationary. This product has all the benefits of the standard 30A Battery to Battery charger when the engine is on. The starter / engine battery maintenance mode allows for surplus current (from solar) to be directed.



– Very simple to install 

– 4 stage battery charging 

– OEM lock

– 9 preset battery chemistry options

– Customizable profile

– Boost / Reduce Charging

– Activation mode

– Solar mode

Weight1500 g

Sterling Power

Manufacturer Part Number


DC V (in)


DC V (out)


Current (A)

30A input, 350W solar


L190 x W160 x D50mm

Weight (kg)



2 Years


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