The power management panel (PMP) is designed to display all the vital electrical information on an average boat. This enables important decisions to be made regarding faults and general onboard DC electrical power management. The information obtained also helps any third party engineer to identify problems.



  • 4 comprehensive channels. Comprised of 4 voltmeters and 4 ammeters. There is one channel dedicated to Ah reading. 
  • Built in Ah counter. This allows the user to measure the capacity remaining in their respective bank. Totally automated function – no user intervention required.
  • Each panel comes with a 200A /100mV shunt. (up to 3 extra shunts may be purchased) and a list of labels for the panel front. 
  • Shunts can be connected to positive or negative cables.
  • Each panel comes with one 200A /100mV shunt. Additional shunts can be purchased along with a list of labels for the panel front. 
  • 100mV shunts enable all current measurements to take place remotely from the instrument clusters, removing all the voltage drop and RFI problems associated with running heavy duty cables up to a control panel and navigation instruments.
  • Shunt size: 200Ashunt is ideal for 2000W / 24V inverters. 400Ashunts are ideal for 4000W / 12V inverters. The shunts have a very high instant load ability which makes them fine for cranking ~1000A.
  • The panel can either be surface or flush mounted.
  • Background light for perfect legibility in day and night times.

Sterling Power

Manufacturer Part Number





L170 x W90 x D40mm

Weight (kg)



2 Years


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