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Digital software control with slow start:  

Digital control (software) uses lines of computer code, digitally burned into a memory processor in the Advanced Regulator. This means that very complex information and mathematical algorithms can be processed that would not be possible with an analogue hardware system. The unit ramps up the current over a short period of time to reduce the chance of alternator belt slip.

Dynamic progressive battery charging:

This is a term used to explain that the internal software calculates a different charging regime every time it is used as the battery state etc. is never the same. Older systems simply used fixed trimmers which were not able to distinguish different battery types or sizes.

Can be used in parallel or a stand alone reg:

This unit can be used as a stand-alone regulator as well as in parallel with the original regulator. Sterling believes that, where possible, to leave the existing regulator in place this offers the Sterling Reg a fall back safety position in the event of it failing.

Programmable for different battery types:

Most other manufacturers fail to recognize the fact that the world has more than one type of battery. There are now four main groups, open lead acid/traction, sealed /gel, gel (Europe) and AGM To optimise charging for each of  these battery types there are four totally different charging curves, temperature curves and safety criteria with each battery type.

Single unit fits 99% of alternators:

The reason for this is very simple, if you check other makes, you can find 12-15 different models to cover what the Sterling will do with 1. The problem with this is the public must supply correct information about their alternator and batteries to ensure they receive the correct Advanced Regulator.

Charges to 4 step constant current progressive charging curves:

All good battery chargers are constant current with 3 – 4 step charging curves. This method is recognized as the best charging type so why expect anything less from your alternator- in most cases the primary battery charging source. The Sterling Advanced Regulator converts your basic constant voltage alternator into a modern 4 step constant current battery charger, it’s that simple.

Totally isolates the regulator in a fault condition:

This is very important and not fully understood by the public. All regulators can fail for different reasons. If an Advanced Regulator fails closed then the alternator will work at full power and destroy everything around itself. Simply turning the regulator ‘off’ will have no effect, so in the event of a Sterling system failing or tripping, for whatever reason, we physically break the field wire guaranteeing that the Advanced Regulator will stop working.

Information 10 LED display:

Most Advanced Regulators have no real information being transmitted to the operator and as a result one has no idea what is going on. Depending on the model we give the operator as much information as possible as to what is happening with the product and the installation system in general.

Battery temperature sensing:

One battery temperature sensor is supplied with the unit. This will adjust the output charging curves with the ambient battery temperature.

High battery temperature trip:

Most Advanced Regulators monitor the battery temperature to perform the task as explained above, but what is the point of monitoring the temperature if in the event of a battery going over temperature you do nothing about it? Sterling software will pick up the high temperature and in the worst case of a battery exceeding 50 deg C, will switch ‘off’ the regulator and display a warning.

High battery voltage trip:

In the event of the battery voltage going too high the unit will switch the regulator ‘off’ and display a warning.

High alternator voltage trip:

This is the most common trip used. In the event of poor wiring, incorrect installation, or any fault in the system, the alternator voltage will rise too high; the unit will trip out and display a warning.

De-sulphation ability on open lead acid batteries:

In order to prevent and even de-sulphate lead acid batteries a regular charge cycle exceeding 14.4V ( x 2 for 24V ) will remove the sulphate from a battery bank and so prolong its life expectancy.

Protects batteries if advanced regulator fails:

In the unlikely event of the Advanced Regulator failing then most regulators will fail closed and destroy all your batteries, Sterling software will kick in to stop this from occuring.

Alternator temp monitoring and disengagement:

This unit can monitor the alternator temperature and switch off the control unit in the event of high alternator temperature. The Advanced Regulator will automatically re-engage when the alternator cools down.

Pro Reg D alternator max size up to 600A with standard reg / 400A stand alone

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