Recommended to be used in conjunction with an advanced alternator regulator

Sterling Power Diodes have enhanced performance over conventional diodes; they prevent against excessive heat and voltage drop unlike other diodes on the market and have substantially less power loss. With two battery banks and one alternator output this diode ensures the safety of the battery bank by making sure no back feed passes and currents do not flow up the charge lines.

Split charge diodes: By using a set of diodes on a heat sink, one can ensure no back feed through the diode, thus ensuring that high currents from other battery banks do not flow up the charge lines and cause a fire. This is the most common method by far employed round the world and is the standard in the USA, for 3 reasons, safety, safety and safety, by the way did I say safety? However, all is far from perfect. The big down side with a split diode system is the voltage drop across the diode (in the order of 0.8-1.2V). This dramatically reduces the charge rate of the alternator on average by about 70%, however, this can easily be over come using products such as the Advanced Alternator regulator in conjunction with the Split Diode.  

Weight 500 g

Sterling Power

Manufacturer Part Number


Max Alt (A)



2 Years


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