Multi stage | Multi Chemistry | Adjustable current | 12V and 6V operation.

Comes with Crocidile clips (positive and negative DC).


Sterling has now integrated its high end algorithms for each battery type into a small and
portable charger. With the Ultra Portable you get the same great performance from a
portable charger as you would with a fixed charger. You can select between 6 different
battery chemistries, between 6V and 12V and between 3A | 5A | 7A charging rate. The
portable charger can be wall mounted thanks to the wall bracket on the back of the charger.

Multi battery chemistry selection. Similar chargers only have one charging profile which fits all. This new portable charger has 6 preset charging profile for each battery type, ensuring a fast and safe charging rate.

  • Multi information LCD screen for maximum information including:
  • Nominal charging voltage (6V / 12V).
  • Real charging voltage.
  • Charging current.
  • Battery chemistry select.
  • Fault information.


Automatic or manual start up. Charger shall start charging automatically after
30 seconds. This is incase you have cut the power or have had a power cut and
the charger shall resume charging and maintaining the batteries.

The charger shall also remember which charging profile and current rating you have set and shall automatically resort to this setting when you turn the power on.

12V and 6V operation.The charger senses which voltage the batteries are at and
adjust the charging profiles accordingly.

6 Stage Charging Curve – Charger set to Number 2 (14.4V bulk and 13.8V float).
The charger shall pick up if a load is applied to the battery and re-establish boost


4 Faults on display.

  • Fault 1 = High output voltage
  • Fault 2 = High unit temp alarm
  • Fault 3 = Reverse Polarity
  • Fault 4 = Open circuit / Batt disconnected

Sterling Power

Manufacturer Part Number


Input Voltage Range


Voltage DC




Dimensions (Including Terminals)

L190 x W115 x D70mm




2 Years


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