The range of Current Limiting Voltage Sensitive Relays (CVSRs) offer bullet proof versatility. Not only do they act as bidirectional 0.0V drop charging relay but they also offer the ability to react in a controlled way to excessive loads that would normal destroy conventional relays. Under high loads, such as: Large Inverters / AC units / Bow Thrusters. The load drawn down the DC cabling would exceed the cable and relay rating and cause the arc to weld shut or would simply cause the relay to shatter. However, the CVSRs have PTC fuses which allow this high load to abate before opening the relay, thus protecting your relay/system.



  • Analogue VSR: The Analogue VSR is the most affordable VSR that Sterling does. It has no adjustable features. The user can not adjust the voltage thresholds and there is no switching delay. The unit is also not 12V / 24V auto select. They are simply 12V or 24V models. The unit has a fixed on voltage of 13.3V and the fixed off voltage of 13.0V. Ignition override is also possible.
Weight 100 g

Sterling Power

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