Transporter Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFeO4) have an exceptional depth of discharge, with 80-100% usable energy per cycle – that’s up to 50% more usable capacity than some lead acid batteries. What’s more the power is consistent throughout the discharge; voltage doesn’t drop as it does with traditional batteries. There’s no loss of performance for up to 5,000 80% discharge cycles, so you receive optimum power for longer.


Widely known as an indication of safety, Transporter Energy batteries are the only LiFeO4 batteries with CE approval in the UK and Europe. Safety and quality have always been our top priorities, and rigorous research and testing is carried out to ensure our products always reach the highest possible standards. The CE mark demonstrates our conformity with strict health, safety and environmental protection standards.


While most manufacturers certify their own product, Intertek is the only independent testing house, meaning that Transporter Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeO4) batteries have been strictly tested by a trustworthy authority. This battery is the only LiFeO4 battery to have passed Intertek’s highest assessment first time, a standard which demonstrates it is safe enough to be transported by plane; a rare honour indeed. Their test course also tests aspects such as battery temperature and life span to ensure the utmost safety and durability over time.


Transporter Energy works closely with the Government to meet their high standards when producing our Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The Office for Product Safety and Standards OPSS who are responsible for inspection of batteries in the UK, recently visited our company and thoroughly inspected our compliance data MDS (material datasheets) on the product suitability to be sold within Europe and the UK. Transporter Energy was identified as being fully compliant and approved to sell batteries within the UK and Europe. This, coupled with the CE mark is the hallmark of excellence when it comes to battery products, ensuring safety and reliability with every use.


– 100 Amp Hour, 12 Volt battery

– LiFePO4 chemistry

– 3000 – 5000 cycles per battery

– Compatible with your current lithium charger, smart charger or inverter charger

– Drop-in replacement for lead acid and gel batteries

– 10-year guarantee, 15-year life expectancy

– Designed and assembled in Nevada, USA

Built in battery management system

– Built-in with no extra purchase required

– 100 Amps continuous

– 200 Amps surge for 30 seconds

– 1/2 second surge for larger loads

– High/low voltage protection

– Short circuit protection

– High/low temperature protection

– Automatic cell balancing


Weight1310 g

Transporter Energy

Manufacturer Part Number

Transporter Energy 100Ah



Battery Capacity (C20)


Rated Capacity


Max Discharge Current

100A (continuous) – 200A (surge for 30 seconds) 1/2 second surge for higher loads

Max Charge Current


DC Charging Voltage Range

14.4 — 14.6V

Depth of Discharge

Up to 100%

Operating Efficiency


Operating Temperature

-20 to 71C

Charge Temperature

-4 to 57C

Cycle Life

5000 @ 80% DoD

Average Lifespan

13 — 15 years

Lifetime Capacity

400,000 Ah

Terminal Layout


Dimensions (Including Terminals)

L324 x W173 x H229mm




10 Years

Battery Technology


Battery Application

Deep Cycle


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