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Product Description

The Octo GX is the communication-centre of your installation. It connects the components together and ensures they are working in harmony. Monitoring of live data, and changing settings is performed by using your smartphone (or other device) via our free-to-use Victron Remote Management Portal, VRM.

The Octo GX is a member of the GX Product family. The Octo GX is the best fit for installations that have many MPPT Solar Chargers, as it has 10 VE.Direct ports.

Intuitive system overview – all you need to know

As soon as you ‘log on’ Octo GX provides an instant overview of your system: Battery state of charge; present power consumption; power harvest from PV; power provision from mains/generator.

The full power of Victron Remote Management

Victron Remote Management (VRM) provides you with full access to the very extensive controls and settings of all system-components which are connected to either your CCGXVenus GX or Octo GX. It allows remote user and installer login – from anywhere, at anytime. This powerful application also provides for hassle-free diagnostic checks and analysis of archived information.

Automatic Generator start/stop

The Octo GX can be programmed to auto-start your generator – triggered by low-voltage; high-demand; or battery state of charge. It can be further tailored to delay ignition until the end of ‘quiet’ periods – avoiding accidental nuisance at dead of night.

Remote Console – control everything from anywhere…

Remote Console provides visual access to the live data and settings of your Octo GX …and because it’s remote – you can do that from anywhere in the world.

ESS: Energy Storage Systems – 24 hour Monitoring

The Octo GX manages Energy Storage Systems. It keeps back-up batteries at 100%; kicks-in during power-cuts; and diverts excess (solar) power to self-consumption – saving you money. For examples and more detailed information see the ESS (Energy Storage System) manual.

Additional Information

Weight800 g

Victron Energy

Manufacturer Part Number


Power Supply Voltage Range

8-70 V DC

VE.Direct Ports (always isolated)


VE.Bus (always isolated)

2 paralleled RJ45 sockets


2 paralleled RJ45 sockets – isolated


Built-in, external antenna

Temperature sense inputs


Digital Inputs


Max. VE.Direct devices



H61 x W108 x D90mm


5 Years

Country of Manufacture



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