Sterling Power BB1260 Battery to Battery Charger

Sterling Power BB1260 Battery to Battery Charger

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Sterling Power BB1260 Battery to Battery Charger

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Sterling Power BB242435 Battery to Battery Charger

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Sterling Power BB1230 Battery to Battery Charger

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  • BB1260
  • Sterling Power
  • 12 / 12V
  • 60


Sterling’s range of Battery to Battery Chargers (B2Bs) has grown significantly over the past few years. Offering a product range in this market un surpassed by anyone in both power and flexibility. This is in an effort to supplement the ever growing demand from the commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle and marine industries. The B2Bs have become extremely popular as they fast charge batteries as you cruise along without the need for complex wiring, touching your alternator, voiding the alternator’s warranty and tampering with the electronic control units (ECUs). You can provide the onboard batteries with a fast 4 stage charging profile with a very simple and speedy installation. All of the benefits of advanced charging without any of the draw backs. Simply connect the B2B between the battery being charged and the battery you wish to charge.



3 Activation Modes

1) Automatic - Default, operates on input voltage (13.3V / 26.6V on) and complements regenerative braking with low voltage timer. No ignition feed required.


2) Ignition feed with timer. As above, however, requires a live ignition feed to operate. Input voltage figures and timings, as above.


3) Ignition feed without timer. As above, however, the timer does not kick in, so it can potentially stay on indefinitely provided input voltage stays above a certain low threshold. 




The default mode, which is Automatic Regenerative Braking Friendly, does not require an ignition feed to operate. It works on input voltage and timing algorithms (These values can be customised on the unit). This is ideal for most setups as ignition feeds are getting increasingly hard to find on modern vehicles, this new unit is therefore simple to install. 


Very simple to install. No Electronic Control Unit (ECU) issues. No complex wiring. No Warranty issues. Fully prepared for smart alternators (Regenerative braking). 


4 stage battery charging. The B2B charges batteries between 5-20 times faster than a stand alone alternator.


9 preset battery chemistry options including AGM, LiFePO4, Gel, flooded and sealed lead acid. 


Customizable profile - choose your your own charging profile on the front panel.


B2B turns on at 13.3V and turns off at 13.0V (x2 for 24V). Thus, does not drain input battery. Regenerative braking mode shall allow the input voltage to drop to 12.2V (x2 for 24V). 


Boost / Reduce Charging. The B2Bs ensure batteries get the correct charging profile irrespective of high or low input voltages. 


Night time setting allows the unit to run at ? power so the fan noise is kept down.


Adjustable current limit. The current limit can be reduced to 50%. 


Dynamic thermal charging, the charging voltage fluctuates based on the temperature of the sensor (included ->). 


Current is NOT taken from the input battery and given to the output battery except during the low voltage timer for regenerative braking mode. This time frame can be increased in length or brought down to 0 seconds. 


Output charging at 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V. Input voltages at 12V and 24V. Up to 800W rating. Much larger model up to 3000W coming soon. 



Safety features

100% fire proof plastic box

No screws to corrode

Thermal power reduction

Multi stage fan cooling


More Information
SKU BB1260
Manufacturer's Part Number BB1260
DC Voltage 12 / 12V
Length (mm) 190
Width (mm) 160
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 95
Weight 1.4
Warranty 2 Years
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