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Victron Energy Orion 48/48-7.5A 360W - ORI484836100

Victron Energy Orion 12/12-30A 360W - ORI121236100

Victron Energy Orion 12/12-30A 360W - ORI121236100

Victron Orion 12/24-10

Victron Energy Orion 12/24-10 DC-DC converter IP20 -ORI122410020

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  • Orion OR 48/48-7.5A
  • Victron Energy
  • DC Converters Isolated
Galvanic Isolated DC Converter. An ever-increasing amount of electric equipment is being used on vehicles and boats. Because most low voltage equipment, such as navigation and radio, mobile telephones or car hi-fi systems, is designed for 12 Volts, Victron Energy supplies DC/DC converters which deliver a stable 12 Volt supply from a 24 Volt system. These products are also distinguished by high efficiency, together with absolute safety. An inferior supply can cause irreparable damage to your 12 Volt system, but the use of an Orion voltage converter prevents such problems. All models with 13,8 V output can also be used as a 12 V battery charger. Includes Fan assisted cooling.
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SKU ORI484836100
Manufacturer's Part Number Orion OR 48/48-7.5A
Length (mm) 163
Width (mm) 160
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 64
Weight 1.4
AH 100 (12.5V/8A or 24V/4A)
Warranty 2 Years
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